01. The-Coveted vs The Coveted: Morally dubious shenanigans in the online world

“For independent bloggers such as myself, protecting our trademarks is becoming a huge issue as blogging moves into the mainstream, and this week’s controversy over the naming of what would otherwise be an interesting site has lit a touchpaper on the subject.” (Liberty London Girl)

02. Jonathan Franzen, The Art of Fiction No. 207

“Jonathan Franzen is among the most admired and popular novelists of his generation, a distinction confirmed by the rapturous reception to his fourth novel, Freedom, earlier this fall. But it wasn’t always that way. In his long, searching Art of Fiction interview, to be published later this month in The Paris Review, Franzen discusses in frank detail his struggles to find a voice as a writer and an audience of readers for his early fiction; the anguish, ambition, and “Sons & Lovers psychodrama” of his young adulthood; and his lifelong effort “to find the means to make visible and feelable the unsayable things inside me.” Selections from the interview appear below.” (The Paris Review)

03. Even With The Disappointing Outcome, Timothy Bradley Vs. Devon Alexander Had To Happen

“It wasn’t exciting. It ended in as disappointing a fashion as it could. Few people paid to watch it in person, HBO probably overpaid for the bout and it wasn’t promoted well. But lest we get the idea that Timothy Bradley vs. Devon Alexander shouldn’t have happened Saturday on HBO, let’s contemplate the alternatives.” (Queensberry Rules)

04. Johann König (Pictured)

Here’s a look at the apartment/gallery of Johann König. If you’ve not seen Freunde von Freuden yet, prepare to lose a day or two. (Freunde von Freunden)

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