Where the runway meets the street

While Jean Touitou was rather cranky for his interview with us a while back, he seems a little friendlier and talkative in this short interview for T Magazine. Take his answer to the question about his butler denim line for instance:

“Some people who buy our jeans only want to wear them when they’re pristine. When they start to fade or get holes in them, they don’t wear them anymore. So you can bring them back to the store and get a new pair of jeans at cost. We take the old jeans and wash them, mend them, mark them with the initials of the person who wore them, and sell them. No matter how much money you invest in machines, jeans always look better when they’ve been broken in by a human being. I call them the Butler Jeans because in the 19th century, English aristocrats would have their butlers wear their new clothes before they did, so they wouldn’t look nouveau riche.”

Read the full interview over at T magazine.

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