01. MAC (Pictured)

“Mac Premo is an artist, designer and director. Some of his work can be found at Mac Premo. He lives with his wife, Adrianna and two children. Shot at their apartment in Brooklyn. Recommended by Oliver Jeffers.” (An Afternoon With)

02. Insert rainbow-based pun here.

“There have been many accusations I’ve denied over the years, including thieving my neighbour’s cat (of which I was in fact guilty), eavesdropping on conversations that were none of my business (they were standing next to me) and plotting to make small children cry (there was no plotting – it was a snap decision). Whilst I may have been covering up certain events in a ‘the lady doth protest too much’ kind of way, there was one denial that was not only fervent, but true also.

I was accused of being a clothes racist.” (Tokyo Tombola)

03. Fernando Montiel gets shot at next level

“Quick, name the five Mexican fighters who have won world titles in three weight classes. The first four probably come easily to mind for fight fans. The small, select group includes boxing royalty: Julio Cesar Chavez Sr., Juan Manuel Marquez, Erik Morales and Marco Antonio Barrera.” (ESPN)

04. How to Go to Fashion Week on the Internet

“Be a teenager in Modesto, California. Have a blog: FuckYeahSkorts.tumblr.com. Spend your free time hearting posts, hyping on Lookbook.nu and watching Cassavetes movies with your bisexual pizza delivery boyfriend.” (Thought Catalog)

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