01. Restoring Breuer’s House in Garden

“Kykuit, the Rockefeller estate in Pocantico Hills, New York, hearkens from the days of robber barons and captains of industry. Acres of manicured lawns, a six-story stone-clad mansion, carriage house, golf course, and sculpture garden have an unlikely neighbor: a modest home intended for America’s everyman—America’s everyman with good taste, that is.” (dwell)

02. PJ Harvey in Session on BBC 1

“PJ Harvey performs a magnificent Session at the legendry Maida Vale Studio’s. Rob and Polly Jean Harvey catch up about the new album ‘Let England Shake’, the process of song writing and recording in a church in Dorset.” (bbc)

03. Flashkus USB Flash Drive Concept (above)

“Soon the flash card will evolve into a disposable form. All electronics will be contained on the tip of a detachable cardboard module.” (artl)

04. Interview with Mr. Aaron Draplin, Drapin Design Co. and PENCILS!!

Pencils are strongly represented in the DDC “longhand” series, and the Field Notes pencil seems to follow the eponymous notebooks in adventures all over the planet. What do you like about pencils so much?

There’s just something simple and soothing about them. I mean, I don’t want to get too existential about bonded lead or anything, but, hell, there’s just so much possibility in each one! It freaks me out. That little pencil…the tool aspect…is this little gateway to a million ideas. I think about that kind of stuff with each one I crack into. In a world where things are more and more compacted, complicated, sped up and digitized, a regular old wood pencil is always there for you. Never needing to be recharged, you know?” (pencilrevolution)

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