01. 10 More Rappers Amber Rose Should Date

“These days, it seems like a week doesn’t go by without Amber Rose snagging web headlines. Two weeks ago, nude photos of the stripper-turned-model leaked. From those flicks alone, we understand why Wiz Khalifa ditched Natalie Nunn and hitched Ms. Rose. Early today a snapshot from Fader of Khalifa and the video vixen snuggling on a coach surfaced. But who really knows if the relationship will be a forever thing or if Amber is just a “Mrs. Rightfernow.” In case things don’t work out XXLMag.com came up with a few MCs the blond bombshell can canoodle with if anything sours.” (XXL)

02. Raul Walch (Pictured above)

More flat envy here. This time it’s Raul Walch’s turn. (Freunde Von Freunden)

03. Chris Black – New York

Here’s Backyard Bill’s latest subject. (Backyard Bill)

04. Manny Pacquiao: Superstar, Not Savior

““He comes at a very fortuitous time. If anybody can bring boxing back to the mainstream … it’s Manny Pacquiao.” – Bob Arum (Associated Press)

Lance Armstrong is one of the most iconic and well-known athletes in the United States. The famed cyclist achieved unprecedented success in his sport by winning the Tour de France seven times, two more than any man in history. He transcended a niche sport with his incredible and inspiring personal story, overcoming testicular cancer before achieving his amazing success.

In short, Lance Armstrong is as big a star as there is in the galaxy of sports. He is as recognizable a name in the U.S. as Tiger Woods, Kobe Bryant, Peyton Manning or Derek Jeter. His name registers beyond cycling fans, beyond hardcore sports fans, and beyond casual sports fans, to grandmothers and school kids and men with lives far too busy or interesting to spend time thinking about grown men competing for sport. Athletes simply don’t get much more famous than Lance Armstrong.

As for cycling… well, who gives a shit about cycling?

This is the crux of my current trepidation.” (Queensbury Rules)

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