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When this one came through via Berlin, the carbon fiber title set me back, but once I viewed this money clip knife by John Kubasek. I could see why it came recommended. The description below says it all. It’s all about the size on this one.

There is a reason why this blade won the Most Innovative Knife Design.  Custom-made by John Kubasek, unfolded the knife is a little over 6 inches long, but folded up it’s just 3.5” x 1 1/4″.  It’s the thickness of just three credit cards, so it’s meant to fit in a wallet, hence the name “Creditor”.   If you remove the clip it will be the size of a credit card and will fit in your wallet. The knife uses a Delrin ball detent so it will lock when opened and pressing down on the side of the handle unlocks it.

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