Opera Gallery presents “Sas + Colin,” where a husband and wife team becomes a literal marriage of ideas and influences in their first collaborative show. The couple has created an exhibition featuring seductive, vibrant and alluring paintings and sculptures told in a language of 60’s liberation childhood distortion. The paintings embody a rebellious and melancholic spirit, while the sculptures are infused with allusions to the erotic world. Together, the couple continues to look for original ways to take the exaggerations and perfections on cartoons and turn them into realistic 3D forms while continually surrendering to the irresistible urge that is the creative imagination.

The exhibition runs from March 11, 2011 to April 4, 2011.

Opera Gallery
115 Spring Street, NYC

Above is Blast Off, Acrylic and oil on wood, 36 x 45 inches. After the jump check out Domino, Fiberglass, 60 x 42 inches.

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