Today, our links are all about cycling.

01. London Olympics 2012: nation ‘can be very proud’ of velodrome (Above)

“Brailsford said that it only seemed “five minutes ago” that he was looking at a cardboard model of the track and is hoping it will prove a successful Olympic venue for Great Britain’s Track Cycling Team next summer.” (Telegraph).

02. En Selle Marcel // The first Luxury Bicycle Lifestyle Concept Store in Paris

“We’d like to introduce you the first ever Luxury Bicycle Lifestyle Concept Store in Paris – En Selle Marcel.  This is not your typical “bike shop” of rows and rows of bikes, odd smells and a hustling salesman interrupting your experience (or lack thereof).  This is an experience all its own.  It forces you to look at the details, to bring back memories of joy and perhaps envision yourself indulging in luxury riding the urban fabric. Located near the historical Montorgeuil street near Etienne Marcel (34 rue du Grenier Saint-Lazare – 75003 Paris);  En Selle Marcel is committed to crafting superior bicycles and timeless vintage accessories.   These luxury bicycles are distinct on the city street; riders of En Selle Marcel bicycles are a class above the average commuter.” (Yatzer).

03. Bishop Bikes: Montagne’s Stainless Track Bike

“Just because Portland framebuilders have forgotten about the track bike, doesn’t mean it needs saving. Chris Bishop’s work is hands down, some of the nicest work to come out of the States in recent years. I know I jock him all the time but damn, this guy has the entire package down to an art!” (Prolly).

04. Wishbone Design Studio “3-in-1” Bikes

“Wishbone Design Studio is owned and operated by a small family out of a “groovy old shed” in Wellington New Zealand. Using raw and natural recyclable materials,  Wishbone is in the process of achieving social, ethical and environmental sustainability by reducing overall consumption. The Wishbone “3-bikes-in-1” wooden frame is made to accommodate either 2 or 3 wheels and can be flipped as your child grows and becomes taller. In a single blow, this bike replaces multiple products that your kids could have ripped through in a span of 5 years.  Wishbone Design Studio is truly reinventing when and how kids are learning to ride bikes!” (Lil Snob).

And now, an added bonus…

05. True Grit Book

Behind the scenes photographs by Jeff Bridges from the set of True Grit. (Jeff Bridges).

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