Beau Colburn keeps us busy on Thursdays…

01. What your favorite classic rock band says about you
“Journey: You own those running shoes that are shaped like feet.” (mcsweeney’s)

02. Why we’re paying more for coffee
“Nobody wants to be told that they have (or should, or need to) pay more for something. Especially when that something happens to be what gets them going every morning and sustains life after boring midafternoon meetings. But it’s true, friends: The coffee market is changing, and we have to change with it. Here’s why those precious beans will soon cost us all a bit more bread.” (seriouseats)

03. Here’s what you do if locked in a Vegas hotel with a $150K slo-mo video camera (above)
“If you’ve ever wondered what would happen if you combined the eerie, delicate beauty of liquid sculpture photography with the hotel-room-trashing excess of Las Vegas, sports videographer Tom Guilmette is your hero. He locked himself in his room at the Palms Casino with an ultra high-speed Phantom Flex camera and stayed up all night splashing, spitting, spraying and breaking things at 2,564 frames per second. Fine art or a fine mess? It’s both!” (fastcodesign)

04. Is food the new indie rock?
“There are parallels between music consumption and the modern foodie movement, at least in the United States. Both have become sources for documentation. At gigs, a significant portion of the audience watches the show through the lens of a mobile phone. The hit songs that used to produce the most dancing now produce the most illuminated screens held aloft. Foodies are chronicling their eating habits in a similar fashion. At meals, people stop to photograph their food and upload the images to social networking sites before they take their first bite.” (guardian)

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