01. Essential Represses from Burial Mix (above)

Back in print. “Highlights are pretty much impossible to pick because the whole label is just so damn precious, but in amongst these records you’ll finds tracks like “King In My Empire”, “Mash Down Babylon”, and “Jah Rule”, foundational productions that have accompanied us for too many years to remember – and still sounding as good as the day they were made.” #beyondessential (boomkat)

02. Trax back catalogue remastered and available digitally

“The majority of legendary Chicago dance label Trax’s back catalog has been remastered and made digitally available. A hugely important part of dance music history, the label’s influence spreads way beyond Chicago, their discography featuring countless legendary cuts from Marshall Jefferson, DJ Pierre, Adonis, Frankie Knuckles and more.

For those with even half an interest in dance music’s current rediscovery of acid house (as seen through Blawan, Boddika et al), this stuff is essential, and now available at Boomkat, Juno and the other digital retailers you’d expect.” (factmag)

03. Epilepsy Organization Gets Kanye Vid Off YouTube

“After warning folks with photosensitive epilepsy not to watch the clip and then issuing a press release about the ‘extensive use of flashing imagery’ in Kanye West’s ‘All Of The Lights’ video, Epilepsy Action announced today that the Enter The Void homage has been removed from YouTube. It’s unclear who took it down. (Gaspar Noé?) As Epilepsy Action explains…” (stereogum)

04. Stanley Donwood discusses the artwork for “The King Of Limbs”

“It’s very much about natural forms. I’d heard something about the northern European imagination, in the sense of all our fairy stories and mythical creatures. They all come from the woods – Little Red Riding Hood, Sleeping Beauty, Hansel & Gretel…we’ve got all these stories and myths. Me and Thom were working on these ideas of strange, multi-limbed creatures that are neither malevolent or benevolent, they’re simply there, part of the living spirit of the forest. That’s come through into all of the work.” (creativereview)

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