A Kind of Guise popped up out of nowhere (to us at least) not too long ago. We first featured them back in July of last year, but we were still interested to find out more about them. Founded in 2009, A Kind of Guise (or AKOG for short). Based in Munich their first collection utilised leather from an old medicine ball factory, using it to create a limited edition of bags (which we’ve also covered before).

The name comes from Dion DiMucci’s ‘The Wanderer’. “There is a part in the song that goes ‘Oh well I’m the type of guy who will never settle down. Where pretty girls are well, you know that I’m around’. We really liked ‘type of guy’ and realized it could work for us. So we rebuilt it into ‘kind of guys’.

They’ve mainly made bags and mens garments that veer on the side of casual without going into streetwear. They’re not putting themselves into any design box yet though, their aim for now is to create limited edition pieces that have a personal touch to them. “AKOG is an expression of ourselves and our influences. Basically, what we are is what we create.”

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