Through the Lines opens on March 4, 2011 at Philadelphia’s Vincent Michael Gallery.

From the gallery –

We are every excited to introduce the work of another young artist, Arkiv Vilmansa in his first solo exhibition at the gallery and in the United States. As the title suggests, the exhibition is centralized on the theme of overcoming adversity and Arkiv’s artistic growth. Many of Vilmansa’s characters are seen embroiled in conflict, be it through physical restraint or combat. True to his technique, Vilmansa’s deep and curvaceous lines slice across each canvas, while radiant, harlequin waves sweep your eyes up and around the bodies of unusual, yet beautiful creatures. As a result, Vilmansa has developed his portrayal of colorful fluidity and struggle and opposition. Through The Lines marks a pivotal turning point in Vilmansa’s early career, where past challenges are overcome and the process of moving forward begins.

Vilmansa’s beauty and intense works have a unique style and strength of character we are sure our audiences and clients will appreciate.

The exhibition will run through March 25, 2011.

Vincent Michael Gallery
1050 North Hancock St., Suite #63
Philadelphia, PA 19123

A selection of Vilmansa’s work follows.

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