Style Salvage have the latest info on the newest collection from one of our footwear favourites, Mr Hare. Entitled ‘Idolescents’ this collection is his biggest yet, with the usual suspects returning alongside several new entries. The Salvage duo also interviewed him and while the entire thing is worth a read, here’s a choice bit:

“SS: Once again, the collection showcases shapes and materials that I’ve never come across before. The natural grain patent being one of the standouts. How do you source your leathers? Can you tell us a bit about the tanneries that you work with?

Mr Hare: Without wanting to sound like one of those handcrafted, years of experience, bench made Jizfests that get posted on YouTube by everyone these days, everything Mr. Hare is sourced in the Tuscan hills by Italians. Not wishing to sound racist but Italians have a pride level which most other races lack. The things they make are an extension and 3D manifestation of that national pride. They don’t massage the cows or play classical music to them to make the leather better. No. What happens is that when the skins get to the tannery, the people who work there won’t let those skins out the door until they are better than skins from anywhere else in the world. It’s all about reputation. It costs more, but it is better. Our main tannery this season is called Conceria 800 who pride themselves on making the finest vegetable tanned skins available.”

More of the shoes are after that leap.

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