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Finally we can give you a first look at the new Apple iPad 2, which has been announced minutes ago. There are no official images yet, but you can be sure that we will show those once they are out.

The new iPad 2 is faster, lighter and thinner than the first one. It is in fact thinner than the iPhone 4, which is pretty crazy. It comes with 10 hours battery life, it comes in both black and white from day one and features a HDMI video plug, two cameras, which is great. It starts once again at 499 USD and will release in the US on March 11th. Most of the rest of the world will see a release on March 25th.

A great new feature is also the Smart Cover. It is not a case, but a cover and when you close it the iPad 2 automatically goes to sleep.

Now head on after the jump for many more images.

Via Engadget.

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