01. How to be Assaulted by a Horde of StreetStyle Photographers [Pictured]

“You think your look is as good as all the editors and stylists that you see on all the streetstyle blogs? You think it’s no fair that it’s always the same people?

So listen up, Paris fashion week is on the horizon and it’s your time to unleash your inner Anna Dello Russo. If you want to immortalize your look via a streetstyle photographer, don’t leave home without these tips.” (Garance Dore)

02. The men’s adventure magazines section of the newsstand – fifty years ago…

“Fifty years ago, if you went browsing through the magazines at your local newsstand, you would have seen a wide variety of magazines that were primarily targeted to men.

There were dozens of upscale bachelor magazines and lowbrow girlie pinup mags, outdoor sports magazines, team sports magazines, true crime and detective magazines.

At a well-stocked newsstand you might also have seen 25 or more different men’s adventure magazines, all competing for eyeballs with dramatic, colorful cover paintings and enticing headlines.” (Men’s Pulp Mags)

03. Port Magazine

“New title Port launches later this week, hitting the men’s market at a time of unparalleled panic in that market. The mass titles (FHM, Nuts etc) are in denial about lack of ambition and look like following Arena down the drain; the posh end (GQ, Esquire) are ring-fenced ad vehicles. What can an unfunded independent offer?” (Magculture)

04. On ‘Barney’s Version’: Barney’s Voice

“Dear David,

There is a bias in Hollywood against voice-over narration. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve sat in a meeting and heard producers and development people go on and on about how they hate voice-over, calling it a “device.” I feel differently, however. My thinking is that if it can embellish the material, it should be used. The problem is that far too often it is used as a crutch. It’s redundant (we hear what we see) and therefore, downright boring. This has given voice-over narration a bad name. Yet we have seen it used effectively in films from the past, such as Little Big Man and My Life as a Dog, or more recent films, such as Easy A and Juno.” (Paris Review)

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