01. Incredibly Intricate Cardboard Columns Are the World’s Most Complex Architecture (Above)

“We’re big fans of cardboard architecture, but in most cases, the material yields structures that are boxy and rather simplistic. That’s why we were blown away when we spotted these incredibly intricate cardboard columns by Michael Hansmeyer, which FastcoDesign actually dubbed as the most complex architecture in the world. The dizzying Doric column variations are created on Hansmeyer’s computer using a subdivision algorithm that allows them to have between 8 and 16 million facets (distinct surfaces). They’re so insanely detailed that most people – including us – mistake the actual physical prototypes for computer renderings!” (Inhabitat).

02. Matthew Hatton ready for Saul Alvarez bout

“Matthew Hatton insists Saturday’s world title shot against Saul Alvarez in California is a “win-win opportunity”.” (BBC).

03. Nicholas Payton “Bitches (mixtape)”

“Those of you expecting Nicholas Payton’s new record to sound like his great records Dear Louis or Doc Cheatham and Nicholas Payton will be very surprised. Bitches takes the sound of his 1970s Miles Davis-esque sleeper record Sonic Trance and pushes it into modern rhythm and blues. With the exception of guest vocals by Esperanza Spalding, N’dambi, and Saunders Sermons, Payton plays all the instruments and sings. His voice has a sensual and sensitive feel, more a bedroom caress than an overpowering shout. The instrumentation focuses on drum machine, bass, keyboards and trumpet, all processed to make them sound artificial to different degrees. The songs switch between the minimal funk of “Truth or Dare,” mellow candlelight jazz of “You Are the Spark,” and ballads such as the duet with Cassandra Wilson, “You Take Me Places I’ve Never Been Before.”” (Off Beat).

04. Rappers Assemble: If MCs Were Marvel Comics Characters

“If you peel back the layers of most rappers and look past their jewelry, fast cars and outlaw outer shell, you’ll see that, deep down, they’re nerds just like the rest of us. Ghostface probably would much rather be reading an Iron Man comic than finger-banging a groupie right now. Just run up to your favorite rapper and talk about the newest X-Men story arc and he’ll surely high-five you and invite you to his tour bus to smoke tons of reefer and pour wine coolers on naked virgins. This love of comic books probably comes from the fact that many rappers grew up during the heyday of Saturday morning cartoons when so many comics were adapted to television. That’s why artists like Ghost and DOOM infuse so many of these cartoon clips into their work – it’s like they’re acting out their childhood fantasies on wax.” (TSS).

05. Random House, Inc. Makes Entire US Catalog of 17,000 ebooks Available on Apple’s iBookstore

“Apple® today announced that Random House, Inc., the largest trade book publisher in the US, has made its full catalog of 17,000 ebooks available on Apple’s iBookstore℠, including bestsellers by Stieg Larsson, John Grisham, Dan Brown, Danielle Steel, Laura Hillenbrand, Cormac McCarthy, Lee Child and many more of the world’s preeminent authors. Starting today, customers can pre-order upcoming releases from Random House including Lisa Gardner’s “Love You More,” Suze Orman’s “The Money Class” and Jean Auel’s “The Land of Painted Caves.” With the addition of Random House, the iBookstore now offers ebooks from all six major trade publishers and thousands of independent publishers.” (Apple).

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