With much of the art world in NYC, JR announced his TED wish yesterday and opened a solo exhibition in Long Beach, California. As expected, the show features terrific photographs of JR’s outdoor installations across the globe. Most exciting is the inclusion of the “INSIDE OUT PROJECT” photo booth, which allows visitors to make large scale photographs of themselves (or better, important members of the community) ready for pasting on walls.

From the gallery –

JR@TED   TED Prize launch is open to the public and Phantom Galleries LA is  inviting you to join us.

One Artist, One Wish, to change the world.

And you can partcipate.

In the spirit of JR’s work and in an unusual move, this typically exclusive TED experience will embrace the general public and invite everyone in for a visit. You can help JR launch his wish by visiting the JR @ TED gallery

Catch it today if you can. The exhibition closes this evening.

Phantom Galleries LA 170 N Promenade, Long Beach, CA 90802

Images follow.

DailDuJour has a terrific roundup of the exhibition. Please check that out too.

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