01. The Race is Not About Winning

“There is a lie that cross-country coaches tell their distance runners. “Running is a team sport,” they say. “Even though it can seem like you are out there by yourself, you have to train as a team, support each other as a team, work as a team. Running is not a solitary sport.”

A big lie. Running, like swimming events, like weight-lifting or gymnastics, is a solitary sport. That you might interact with other people during training, that there might be social aspects to practice, is rather beside the point. Training for an athletic contest is almost by necessity social—any exception will tend to attract very weird participants: consider competitive eating—but the fact that the runner sees other people now and again, even every day, does not change who he is, or what he does. He is a loner, and he runs alone.” (Believer).

02. Winslow Homer and the American Civil War

“In his book Near Andersonville: Winslow Homer’s Civil War, Peter H. Wood offers an in-depth exploration of Winslow Homer’s painting “Near Andersonville” (1866). In this illustrated lecture at Emory University, Wood relates the history of this once-lost painting and Homer’s relationship to the Civil War. His close reading  relates the iconography of “Near Andersonville” to major military and political events of the Civil War and the 1864 presidential election.” (Southern Spaces).

03. Zab Judah “Super” In Claiming 140 Pound Title Against Kaizer Mabuza

““Super” Zab Judah (41-6, 28 KOs) put on a super performance en route to scoring a vicious seventh round knockout against Kaizer Mabuza (23-7-3, 14 KOs) to claim the vacant IBF junior welterweight championship. It was a tremendous victory for Judah who regained the title he previously won way back in February 2000 when he defeated Jan Piet Bergman by fourth round knockout. With Timothy Bradley and Amir Khan both widely viewed as the best the weight class has to offer, Judah now finds himself near the top of this extremely talented rich division.” (Eastside Boxing).

04. Spider Webb – Mt. Vernon NY 1974 (Above)

“Spider Webb pushed “art” tattooing hard. Conceptual work, blue and red 3D designs… even loading a shotgun shell with pigment and “shooting a fuckin’ tattoo” onto the client. He pushed hard to get tattooing celebrated as a legitimate art, including tattooing on the steps of the MOMA* during the tattoo ban as an act of protest.” (Occultvibrations).

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