01. Mangaslop (Pictured)
“For the most recent DUBBLEBABY, I had to try and learn to draw really mediocre 90’s manga. It’s obviously very far from the kind of comics I usually do, so it was really, really tough. But the comic turned out well, and the weird images I saw while flipping back and forth in Photoshop layers were pretty interesting.” (Gingerland)

02. Saul Alvarez Wins The Fun Way, Adrien Broner Wins The Boring Way

“Saul Alvarez won the fun way and Adrien Broner won the boring way on HBO Saturday, but both didn’t dispel doubts about themselves in so doing. Alvarez dragged Matthew Hatton up from welterweight to junior middleweight but couldn’t stop him, despite a high octane offensive performance. Broner dragged Daniel Ponce De Leon up from featherweight to junior lightweight and was lucky to escape with the win, since most seem to have had the fight a narrow De Leon win or a draw.” (Queensbury Rules)

03. The Essential… Madlib

“Lootpack were Oxnard’s answer to DITC, an outfit comprising Wildchild, DJ Romes, and Madlib, with fringe members including Madlib’s younger brother Oh No, their friend MED, and guest appearances from old pals The Alkaholiks (whom Madlib had guest produced for throughout the mid to late nineties), Defari and Declaime a.k.a Dudley Perkins. The album is as raw as the hand drawn cover it comes in; battle rhymes overcrunchy SP1200 beats.

Whilst not comparable to Madlib’s later, more sophisticated work, it definitely has its charms and moments, not least the joyfully rhetorical ‘Questions’, the brilliant ‘New Year’s Resolution’, the obligatory posse cut ‘Episodes’ and the mission statement ‘Cratediggin’. “Diggin in these crates for a fat remix, even if it sounds wrong to thee” drawls Madlib – a glimpse of the philosophy that would drive his oeuvres to come.” (Fact)

04. Lupe can rap…so what?

“Got to thinking about Lupe Fiasco. How I got there doesn’t really matter, but he came up. He’s a bit of a conundrum for me. Saw him kill a show in Chapel Hill — he was in total control of the stage — but I don’t really dig his albums. Not because he can’t rap or isn’t talented, but they don’t move me even a little bit. I hear them, and they’re cool…but that’s it. They don’t stick to the ribs. The Cool, a well-developed concept record, was really, really, really, really good…and I listened to it all of twice.

Some cat just told me I should listen to Lupe because he’s “very cerebral.” Like I’m supposed to give a damn about that.” (Bomani Jones)

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