Where form meets function

It’s reached the point where posting up a George Lois interview is a reflex. Maybe it’s because we’re still not bored of what he’s got to say or because we’re so into his Esquire covers (probably both) but here’s one with Vice. It’s a long but very readable interview. Take this quote about meeting Martin Scorcese for instance:

“Are these folks disappointed when they find out the majority of your work was for the big bad advertising industry?
… . It was at Cooper Union in the Great Hall, where Lincoln spoke. Saul did amazing title sequences for films like Psycho and The Man With the Golden Arm. Anyway, I gave a speech about him, and then Martin Scorsese did a half-hour lecture… Afterward somebody was like, “Georgie, you ever meet Marty?” and I said, “No, I’ve never met Marty.” So the guy takes me to the other side of the room and there are like 200 advertising guys around Scorsese. We broke through the crowd and he intro­duces me. Scorsese went apeshit, like, “My God! I didn’t know you existed.” He started going on about the Esquire covers and how much he liked them.”

Read the rest over at Vice.

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