Famed street artist Blek Le Rat has teamed with Hugo Boss for an innovative art competition. Drawing on the rich artistic history of Berlin, Hugo Boss challenges creative spirits to translate their vision of Berlin into a piece of stencil graffiti. This stencil acts as entry to Hugo Create.

Blek Le Rat will serve as one of the competition judges.

More images and a full artistic brief after the jump.

Berlin is a city that lives and breathes the spirit of HUGO, creativity and forward thinking. And we have a HUGO concept store there, and as you’ll know if you are a follower of HUGO Create, we recently hosted our fashion show in Berlin. To celebrate the city and its contribution to culture, we have a special challenge for you.

As in many things, Berlin leads in the field of urban art. The most famous urban artists decorate its walls and buildings with their work. You have a chance to join them, literally, in our newest challenge: create  the best stencil art Berlin has to offer.

Unleash your creativity, take inspiration from the well-known stencil artists and get inspired by the city of Berlin; the architecture, the zeitgeist, the music, the people, and bring that into a stenciled design. And we want you to reflect the spirit of HUGO in your piece. But you don’t have to include the HUGO Man bottle. Five winners will be flown to Berlin where they will join a creative session with Blek Le Rat and other special guests from the urban creative scene. The winners’ work will sit next to a specially curated piece by legendary stencil artist Blek Le Rat, who will also paint at the session.

The brief is for people to make a piece of jpg of a piece of art inspired by Berlin and stencil art made famous in the city. Then to upload the image to Hugo Create. Our panel of HUGO judges, which is made up of the top people at the Fashion house and Blek Le Rat, will pick 5 winners, who will be flown to Berlin for two nights. There they will attend a live creative session with Blek Le Rat. They will paint their works on a wall in the city, and Blek Le Rat will paint his own specifically commissioned stencil piece.

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