01. The accidental musical genius who up and walked away

“Bill Withers was no natural born musician, or polished product of the recording industry. He was a simple man, a bit manic depressive he’d even tell you himself– and that may be why his plain spoken words, delivered so powerfully, pack the punch they do. The youngest of six kids, Withers was born in a bleak West Virginia town where coal mining was your best prospect.  He’d be the first man in his family to escape its grip.” (The Selvedge Yard)

02. 5 Q’s with Mr Hare (Pictured)

“You introduce several new characters for AW 11 most notably Hannibal what effect have the new members had on the collection?

It has vastly changed peoples perspective of what Mr. Hare shoes can be. I always knew the Mr. Hare collection would encompass every kind of shoe a guy like me could need. A lot of people thought I would never move beyond evening shoes with shiny bits on. The interesting thing is always the starting point. What does a heavy stomping boot look like if you approach it stylistically as opposed to just re-appropriating a work boot or a ski boot or a walking boot?” (Fashion 156)

03. Wyclef’s Jean’s Trouble With The Truth: A Recent History

“This weekend, the Internet was abuzz with reports from Wyclef Jean and his people that the ex-Fugee and former Haitian presidential candidate had been shot in the hand while campaigning for fellow performer Michel “Sweet Micky” Martelly in Port-Au-Prince. Well, “grazed” by a bullet. Or was it just a piece of broken glass? According to Jean, the bullet grazed his hand after he stepped out of his car to make a phone call. “I heard blow, blow, blow, and I just looked at my hand,” he said. Haitian officials, however, beg to differ. “We met with the doctor who saw him and he confirmed Wyclef was cut by glass,” reported police chief Vanel Lacroix.

Gunshot, glass–either way, on the eve of an important election for Haiti, the event was inconsequential at best. It was also, however, the latest in a long string of attention-grabbing mis- and half-truths to emerge from Jean’s camp. Have we already forgotten about Yele Haiti? Or his non-existent Creole? Below, a brief history of Wyclef’s casual relationship to the truth.” (Village Voice)

04. Have you been watching … Entourage?

“You know a series is beginning to show its age when the plot is driven by Adrian Grenier’s hairstyle. And that’s only a slight exaggeration. Season seven of Entourage, the show which satirises La La Land, is all feeling a bit familiar. It might be pretty to look at, but this series has become stagnant, rarely venturing out of its comfort zone – and with a couple of celebrity cameos every episode (Queen Latifa and er, Sir Richard Branson guest star this Thursday), it also seems enthralled by the industry it’s supposed to be mocking. That’s some way from the ground-breaking television we’ve come to expect from HBO.” (Guardian)

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