Where form meets function

Last night we attended the opening of “The Recovery of Discovery” exhibition by French artist Cyprien Gaillard at the KW Institute of Contemporary Art in Berlin. What we came to find was surprising, impressive, different and in its message very strong.

“For his exhibition at KW Institute for Contemporary Art in Berlin Cyprien Gaillard has created a new, large-scale piece, which – whilst departing from a prototype of the monument – completes itself in the process. Similarly to the relocation of the Pergamon Altar, 72,000 bottles of beer of the brand “Efes” have been transported from Turkey to Germany. The cardboard boxes filled with bottles form the even steps of the pyramid. By using the monument – by climbing the sculpture and drinking the beer – its destruction is already initiated. The barbaric removal of single architectural elements that have been transported from their original location to Berlin, embodies both the concept of displacement and a tourist colonialism. Despite the geographic origin of alcohol often being of great importance to the consumer, the provenience seems to become more and more unimportant, as its consumption increases. Along the lines of the gradual destruction of the sculpture the alcohol gradually dispels and destroys both body and mind. The physical hangover is also an architectural one, from which one has to recover.

Equal to a collective amnesia in an active neglect of the sculptural form – lost in the hopeless interaction with the monument – the successive destruction becomes an aesthetic of resistance.”

KW Institute of Contemporary Art
Auguststrasse 69
10117 Berlin

Photography: Curated Magazine

Take a further look after the jump and make sure to pass by soon, or it will be gone!

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