Beau Colburn works the Thursday roundup.

01. Play Ball! A look inside MLB’s high-tech media center
“Major League Baseball Advanced Media’s network operations center in New York looks a bit like a NASA control room. Computers cover several rows of tables, all facing a wall covered with eleven massive flat-screen displays. To complete the space-shot feel, there’s a red digital clock just below, slowly ticking toward blastoff—er, first pitch.” (macworld)

02. Good-bye, LCD Soundsystem: James Murphy’s Art of Hopeless Commitment
“Of course he cared; he had no choice. And then, in one of those signature James Murphy moments where he seems to be affably warning his audience about how life turns out, he confessed that this fact might actually be embarrassing and humiliating, and advised that we all pay very close attention to the things we’re gradually committing our lives to without even realizing it.” (vulture)

03. Tweeting and Writing and Deflating Like a Balloon
“Writing 140 characters is difficult if one is trying to say something with poignancy. It’s hard to tell the truth in a tiny box, because the truth is so big and round and gray. Most things I write are crude and awkward, overly unrelenting, not capable of holding the necessary nuance for a confession or an insight. One can’t go too deep in a stunted format. But still, it kind of feels like writing because my fingers are flying, there is that sound of the keyboard, that row of letters getting longer, that momentum of the cursor pushing right. But, it’s not the same as lengthier writing, because it doesn’t necessarily take us anywhere.” (frankchimero)

04. Agricultural patterns from space (above)
“Nasa satellite images reveal the diversity of agricultural patterns as seen from space.” (guardian)

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