At Mr. Colburn’s request, our roundup on the day before the final day…

01. You Were There: The Complete LCD Soundsystem (above)

“For years, James Murphy has suggested that he would be closing the door on LCD Soundsystem; a lot of people didn’t believe him. Even after his band announced their final night out, a three-hour show at New York City’s Madison Square Garden dubbed The Long Goodbye, some still expect a 55-year-old Murphy will climb back on stage in 2025.” (pitchfork)

02. Guest DJ: LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy

During the hour-long session, Murphy describes his early days setting up DFA Records as a collective of likeminded, creative party people in New York City. He also touched on the guitar playing of David Byrne, the influence of Suicide, why “humanity is garbage,” the best LCD tribute band, pluralizing idioms and being “medium” obsessed. (npr)

03. Live: LCD Soundsystem Prepares Us For the End of the World at Terminal 5

“We are gathered here in New York City’s Terminal 5 to say goodbye to one of the most impeccable music projects of our adult lives. It’s all very fitting since we live in a world that seems, at an increasingly alarming rate, to be on the precipice of something, and that something doesn’t seem very easy, or simple, or carefree.” (villagevoice)

04. The Fresh Air Interview | James Murphy: The Man Behind LCD Soundsystem

“When LCD Soundsystem frontman James Murphy attended live concerts, he says he always felt like there was something missing.” (npr)

05. Who Gives a Shit (All My Friends) (from 2007)

“The single of the year for 2007 is LCD Soundsystem’s ‘All My Friends.’ Some of you know it. To those, you know what I’m talking about when it comes to this record. But I’ll assume most of you haven’t heard it. That’s fine of course as you all will be quickly trolling [torrents], iTunes, or YouTube (in that order) to steal, download, and accept its dominance for the year.” (socialconsumer)

06. Pitchfork to Stream LCD Soundsystem’s Final Show Live From Madison Square Garden !!!

“…But if you can’t make it to the Garden, don’t despair: You’ll be able to watch the band’s farewell as a webcast, right here on Pitchfork. We’re the only place hosting the webcast, the only spot to watch the party if you’re not going. Tune in live on April 2 to say goodbye. This will be a one-time-only broadcast. It will not be replayed.” (pitchfork)

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