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Interview Magazine published an interview with Theophilus London, entitled “Theophilus London. Hip Hop’s Newest Name (And What A Name!)”. He was interviewed by Michael Pollock and they talk about his musical background, travel, corporate and brand partnerships and more.

“MICHAEL POLLOCK: When did you start performing music?

THEOPHILUS LONDON: I started performing music about the age of 16. I lived in Brooklyn, New York, and this thing called the Flatbush Fair comes once a year. That was my first time on stage. First of all, I was overdressed, so that’s why every day of my life I dress down as a motherfucker. I was overdressed, and I wasn’t standing right. I was nervous as fuck and got booed. I even got booed on BET once. Fuck BET. It’s the worst channel of all time. I got booed on BET, but now it’s awesome to come to Austin and even go to Europe and all around the world.

POLLOCK: Just from following your Twitter, I know you’ve been traveling a lot, mostly recording.

LONDON: Yeah, I went to Stockholm a bunch to work on the album and to LA. So it was LA then Stockholm; LA then Stockholm; LA, Stockholm. That’s what it’s been. I went to Jamaica on my own. I went to Trinidad and Tobago just to go to Fashion Week over there. I went to Japan last year. I went to Korea last year. This is all based off the strength of my brand relationships and the fact that I love to travel. And it’s not going to stop. I went through two passports last year, full.”

Check out the full article here.

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