01. Christiane Bördner und Marcus Gaab (Pictured)

Yet more reasons to find a flat in Berlin. (Freunde von Freunden)

02. Segura confirms dominance of Calderon

“Can’t say that this went much differently than expected, as Segura rolled through the much smaller Calderon with ease. Put it this way: Segura was the windshield and Calderon was the bug. When they met for the first time last August, Mexico’s Segura went to Calderon’s native Puerto Rico and they waged a fierce fight that ranked as one of the best slugfests of 2010. A rematch was an obvious business decision for both sides.” (ESPN)

03. Arcade Fire Talk Scenes From the Suburbs

Scenes From the Suburbs is a half-hour short film directed by Spike Jonze and based on Arcade Fire’s Grammy-winning album, The Suburbs. The dystopian flick follows a group of high school kids living in a paranoid alternative reality where martial law rules a stretch of repetitive houses and lawns. The movie mixes the warm naturalism of Jonze’s more heartfelt work with the under-siege aura of movies like 1984’s Red Dawn as it imagines an America where towns are separated by checkpoints and heavily armed guards. (Pitchfork)


“I was turned onto Mexico’s Revelacion 2,000 via Super Sonido, who posted up the 7″ version of “Tu Y No Nena” (You and Me Baby) last month. It’s a rather incredible cover, especially since that distinctive echo effect on the guitar isn’t on the Spinners’ original. It was nagging me why it sounded so damn familiar and with Jay Smooth’s help, I finally remembered why: it sounds a lot like the Vinyl Reanimators remix of Kool G Rap’s “Fast Life.” To my ears, they’re similar but doesn’t sound like the same loop but maybe some can hear it better than I can. Regardless, very cool cover.” (Soul Sides)

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