Shai Dahan recently moved to Sweden. Adjusting to a new place and preparing for a new solo show opening in May doesn’t leave a whole lot of time, but Shai was able to squeeze in a few of his trademark birdguns.

Shai says of the new paintings, “Someone I met here took me to an abandoned Swedish Army Training base.  It has not been used in many years and occasionally now is used by locals for paintball gun fun.  I didn’t know what to expect when I was going there.  all I knew was that it was made of 8 abandoned buildings and that it is a 25 minute hike through the forest (no car roads lead up to it. you just either know its there or not and from what I was told, not many people know it is there). Anyway, in preparation, I did a few wheatpastes.  I did a few birdguns to present the fact this place was used as an army base and that it was build in the middle of a forrest.  My larger piece ended up being a paintballgun-bird rendition.  The location I found for it once I arrived was perfect.  Across from a burned out bus in the center of this entire facility a small concrete building with a red/black flag on it.  I assume this was used either during the army training or more recently, by the paintball players.  I found it perfect.”

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