Beau Colburn today…

01. Japanese surprise
So nice. Just watch. (youtube)

02. Where Did The Original Green Monster Scoreboard Go? (above)
“The unique part of it was, we had to have a special insurance policy on it. Because inside that old scoreboard were signatures of players, bat boys, score people, whoever had signed the inside of that scoreboard all those years, and we had to make sure we didn’t destroy that.” (wbur)

03. Exploring The Abandoned McKittrick Hotel
“And then we turned a corner, and I found myself in the original McKittrick lobby. For a second, I couldn’t speak. Other than minor alterations, like new lighting and exit signs, this is EXACTLY what guests would have seen when the McKittrick Hotel first opened in 1939, carefully preserved for over 70 years.” (scountingny)

04. Slaughterhouse Shortage Stunting Area’s Eat-Local Movement
“One might expect the Bay Area — as the epicenter of the eat-local movement and a region with a long tradition of cattle ranching — to be a mecca for producers of organic and grass-fed beef. But there is a problem: a shortage of slaughterhouses is so acute that it is stunting the growth of this emerging industry.”(nyt)

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