From the ground up

Eddie Cruz and today’s Los Angeles streetwear/sneaker scene go hand in hand. Serving as co-owner of the Undefeated brand and store, and playing a part in Supreme LA, his influence is heavy. Eddie’s latest endeavor sees he and Undefeated heading up a two-year long program with PUMA aimed at bringing back the “sleeping giant” of a sneaker that is the Clyde. Read on for our full chat with Eddie on the project.

HS: Let’s start by talking about the Clyde in general. What are your earliest memories, or cultural associations with the shoe?

EC: Well you know, I’m an 80s kid. I don’t mean I was born in the 80s, but those were the days I was hanging out. I’m from the Bronx NY, so that was the shoe of choice with regards to b-boys – and what I mean by b-boys are like break dancers, graffiti artists and kids just starting to get into hip-hop. I just remember distinctly being in high-school, kids wearing Lees, like Lee jeans, not Levi’s – Lees – kind of that little bell-bottom and they would sew down seams down the center of the pant to keep a permanent crease, which was interesting. And Puma was the shoe of choice.

The full interview follows here.

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