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When you get the opportunity to head to Miami, it is difficult to shy away from the city’s beautiful weather. It is even more difficult to shy away from an invite to Miami when you have the opportunity to wear test the latest Nike Lebron just days before the man himself wears it in the Heat’s first home playoff game against the Sixers. Nike offered a handful of media that opportunity this past weekend with the launch of the Nike Lebron 8 PS basketball shoe.

Read and see more looks from the Nike Lebron 8 PS Wear Test and Launch from Miami, FL after the click.

Many will assume that the Lebron 8 PS is simply a special color-way make-up for the playoffs. It is much more than that. As designer, Jason Petrie made clear, the Lebron 8 PS is a full re-work of the Lebron 8 based on a simple formula of game play as request by James himself: 41 41 28. The “41 41 28” formula breaks down the season into two halves with the addition of a 28 game playoff run. With this in mind, the Lebron 8 was formulated for three special make-ups from day one. The first came with the Lebron 8 v1 which was worn during the first 41 games of the season. Built off of the Lebron 7 airbag, the v1 was a tough performer meant to “ignite” Lebron’s game play as needed. For the second half of the season, the Lebron 8 v2 brought a powerful “attack” aspect by eliminating leather in exchange for Nike’s “Flywire” technology which reduced the weight of the shoe.

The playoffs, as Petrie described, was considered a “sprint” to the “finish.” For this the Lebron 8 PS was re-designed form the ground up in order to work under extreme wear conditions. Nike’s Hyperfuse tech was brought in for “lightweight lockdown support with a unique breathable quality difficult to attain in high-performance basketball footwear.” Flywire was exchanged for a synthetic breathable upper and the Max Air 360 cushion was  replaced with the lighter Air Max 180 unit in the sole. Add in a carbon fiber support plate and a “TPU” layer in high wear areas, and the Lebron 8 PS drops down to 14.5oz. In essence, “attack” footwear

The Lebron 8PS offers James the bare essentials in a basketball shoe.

We were also lucky enough to a/b run both the Lebron 8 v2 against the new Lebron 8 PS. What you notice immediately is the step down in weight. Most of those in attendance preferred the play in the 8 PS during the wear test which sent most of the media in attendance through a quick warm-up and head-to-head games.

Did the Nike Lebron 8 PS help Mr. James and the Heat win game 1 on Saturday? We can only assume it had a helping hand in the matter.

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