01. Figures & Fictions: Contemporary South African Photography

“The first photograph you see as you enter Figures & Fictions at the V&A is a group portrait by Pieter Hugo entitled Pieter and Maryna Vermeulen with Timana Phosiwa. Taken in 2006 as part of his Messina/Musina series, it has all the forced formality of a classic family portrait: a middle-aged couple with an infant boy nestled between them. Yet it immediately challenges all our received wisdoms about South Africa. The couple are poor and white; the child is black, neatly dressed, brimming with health. It is both intimate and oddly disturbing, full of odd details: the man’s prosthetic leg, the makeshift sofa that looks like a recycled minibus seat.” (Guardian).

02. April, The Upset Month – Will May Follow Suit?

“The month of April this year sure has thrown out some big boxing upsets: no less than four shockers already, with quite a few days left in the month still. We saw “sure thing” David Lemieux hammered to TKO defeat by Mexico’s Marco Antonio Rubio back on the 8th of April, we saw “future champ” James Kirkland belted to a truly devastating 1st-round defeat at the hands of unknown Japanese fighter Nibihro Ishida on April 9th (and we almost saw another huge upset that same night, as the “shot” Erik Morales rolled back the years in almost out-pointing Marcos Maidana.” (Eastside Boxing).

03. Dave Grohl on Foo Fighters’ chart-topping album Wasting Light

“Dave Grohl on Butch Vig, recording in his garage and playing Smells Like Teen Spirit.” (Telegraph).

04. Street Art From City to Cave at the Cinefamily (Above)

“In conjunction with Art in the Streets, the Cinefamily will present a week of documentaries, live panels, Q&As, and parties, featuring many key participants and witnesses of the early graffiti and street art scene. A closing-night party will revolve around the most ancient form of street art—the cave paintings of southern France— with the premiere of Werner Herzog’s new 3-D documentary, Cave of Forgotten Dreams, screened at the Natural History Museum.” (MOCA).

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