Tune in and turn up

The FADER once again presents their Icon issue. For 2011 they chose to commemorate the late Notorious BIG with the issue.

“We’ve always tried to parse their influence by speaking with friends, family and fans to create a portrait of their lives both in and outside of music. However, with an artist like Notorious BIG, the subject of this year’s issue, much of that work has already been done because Big was so beloved. We’re not trying to compete with Notorious, but we set about painting a portrait of Big both as a rapper and as a regular dude. In our issue you’ll read accounts from the intern who witnessed Big and Tupac’s first encounter, you’ll hear what Puff thinks about when he listens to Biggie’s music today. You’ll see new photos of prominent places in Big’s life, from the tunnel he drives through backwards in the “Hypnotize” video, to the block where he performed his infamous teenage freestyle.”

The FADER Icon Issue 2011 will release on newsstands on May 3rd. Make sure to pick one up.

A video announcing the issue follows after the jump.

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