Beau Colburn subs in this Friday…

01. Anthony Bourdain: Where The Road Ends
“It is worth noting that anyone who bitches about “molecular gastronomy”, “science cooking”,  food with “foam”, has, really, no idea what the **** they are talking about. They are certainly not talking about El Bulli, which is none of those things.  It is worth noting that so many chefs (not all) who DO claim to do those things, or  aspire to the mantle of “modernist” cooking, have themselves never eaten at El Bulli—and of the few who have, most, it seems, misunderstood it—missed the emotion, blood, passion and centuries of Catalonian history and landscape that help make it what it is.
I just had the greatest meal of my life there, aware all the time that there would never be another. (travelchannel )

02. Behind the album cover – All Eternals Deck
“When I first spoke with John Darnielle of ‘The Mountain Goats’ about the aesthetic of his new record, he said he’d like to see a mix of ‘ancient divinity’ and ’1980s fear’ mixed with ‘a sort of contemporary wicca’, I thought ‘wow – this guys record had better be good!’. He didn’t disappoint. When he sent me the songs (demo’s at first) I could see immediately where he was coming from, the rich tapestry of well crafted lyrics take you along a journey you dare not switch over from.”

03. The Post Office Railway (above)
“For as long as I can remember explorers have joked, discussed, cried themselves to sleep over possibilities the Post Office Railway could be explored. Those keen to attempt entry desperately clawing at every scrap of information like a starving hobo snacking on bread crumbs. Just the idea of access, let alone the task of traversing the line seemed fraught with impossible obstacles and doubt.” (silentuk)

04. Legendary ‘East Egg’ estate demolished
“It came from a different era. It is a shame, but time passed it by. It was a very, very big, ostentatious house, and in this time, people aren’t looking for 24,000-square-foot houses on 15 acres, with taxes and council rates.” (mnn)

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