Following the release of J. Lindeberg’s bi-annual book ‘A Documentary and A Dream’ earlier this week, we caught up with creator Jorgen Ringstrand to find out his thoughts on the collection, how the book came together and his favourite people to shoot.

J.Lindberg’s SS11 collection is entitled: The Modern North. Again, tradition and technology feature heavily but what were the inspirations behind it (“craftsmanship?”) and, more specifically, how did you seek to reflect it all in your photography?

Jorgen:  Coming from Scandinavia we like to create clothes with functionality, often inspired by utilitarian and military clothing, or people and traditions from outdoors.  Back to a generation where clothes were made to fulfill a purpose and with passion.
For me and photography, I am from the same clean approach when visualizing concepts. It’s a straight forward approach, with a documentary feeling that creates a strong visual impact.

So how do you feel this Biannual book has evolved from previous ones, what’s new this time round?
Jorgen: The Biannual Book is always about things that are both on mine and Global Brand Director Stefan Engström’s mind. We meet and talk about things, ideas happen pretty fast, we often have been thinking about things for a while and when we meet we start by writing everything down. Sometimes it’s around a specific theme, for this edition it is around Craftsmen and Craftsmanship,  however the theme doesn’t limit us from exploring other concepts.  Everything featured inside the book is new,  the only thing we continue is the size of the book, the duotone printing and the handmade binding.

Your task with these books is to translate the designs and visual rhetoric of Global Brand Director Stefan Engström and repackage the magic into a totally different medium of consumption – what are the biggest challenges and how do you approach them?

Jorgen: The collections and the book don’t necessarily happen together, in some features they do but mostly the book is free standing from the collections, in order  to create a bigger picture of the brand, the people and what inspires us.

What’s your working relationship with Stefan how (much) do you interact with each other in the production of the books?
Jorgen:  We have short meetings, very few actually. We both like to work quickly and spontaneously we both aren’t a fan of long meetings. We have worked together for a long time prior to J.Lindeberg and the Biannual Book, however with J Lindeberg we actually work faster, better and more creatively .

For this latest work you snapped a number of charismatic and inspiring characters (such as New York’s tailoring legend, Martin Greenfield) but who were your personal favourites to shoot and why?
Jorgen:  It was great meeting them all. We did a big casting with COCD in New York, and chose people with different stories.  Martin’s story is of course something special, he is a true craftsman and extremely passionate about his work.

From aviator inspired hoods, military patchwork detailing, Contrasting patterns, pixelated army prints and the technical elegance of cropped or rolled trousers, there’s so much in this latest collection. But which pieces/combinations really clicked with you during shooting?

Jorgen: I must say that, Marine Braunschvig who was the stylist for both shoots I did and also the shoot by Olivier Zahm.  For the shoot I did, Marine took the clothes and emphasized the characters talents.  It was so interesting to see that you could actually create so many different visual expressions from one collection and from the same brand.

So to round things off, if you don’t mind, how about we give Jorgen Ringstrand the J.Lindberg Bi annual book treatment and ask:

– What’s your story?
Jorgen: A working class boy who grew up with a darkroom and a camera, started early with a magazine about photography at the age of 15, and has since then combined work as an Art Director and a photographer.  R67Kreative is my design agency where we work with concepts for fashion clients, and also a photographer within 2bmanagent in Paris and New York together with others fx Peter Lindebergh.

– What does the word craftsmanship mean to you?
Jorgen: Someone who lives through their work and is passionate about it. Today it could be someone working in IT as well as a shoemaker. However I must say a true craftsmen is someone who has developed their skills over a period of time, made mistakes and learnt from them.

– What should every person know about Jorgen Ringstrand?

Jorgen: That I love to run.

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