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As a continuation of Ryan McGinness’ collaboration with The Standard after Art Basel Miami and Armory Show New York, the artist’s Blacklight Nudie Cards have been released at The Standard as a precursor to number of events and installations by the artist as part of his month-long, multi-venue incursion in Los Angeles.

The Blacklight Nudie Cards, the first of their kind and graphically tied to the Women Blacklight Paintings and installations, are a full deck of poker-sized playing cards designed by McGinness and based on vintage nudie cards. The birth of modern-day nudie cards can be traced to 16th century cards from India depicting the positions of the Kama Sutra. By the turn of the 20th century, during the Art Nouveau movement, erotic card decks appeared celebrating a renewed appreciation of the female form. These decks evolved to include illustrations or photographs of nude models, flappers, burlesque singers, and pin-up girls. As these cards were not legal at the time, they were often sold under the guise of art studies.

The cards are best enjoyed under blacklights that emit only a frequency in the invisible range of 350-370 nm. The fluorescent inks used in the printing of these cards absorb this ultraviolet light and then re-emit it almost instantaneously.

· Open edition of decks of playing cards, an extension of the Women Blacklight paintings and installations

· Each card in the deck of 56 has a unique face designed by the artist; the reverse side of each card is one of McGinness’s “black hole” paintings

· Printed front and back in fluorescent yellow, pink, blue and black

· Size: Classic poker, 3.5 x 2.5 in, Price per deck $35.00

· Sold exclusively at The Shops at all four Standard hotels in NY, LA, and Miami as well as online from May during an exclusive launch event.

As part of many different exhibitions taking place in LA from May 19th to July 9th, a new series of the artist’s porcelain-baked enamel works will be on display in the interiors of The Standard, Downtown LA and the exterior façade of The Standard, Hollywood. McGinness will also conduct a series of live drawing sessions for three consecutive nights (June 1st – 3rd) where he will be drawing live models in the vitrine of The Standard Hollywood’s lobby.

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