We spent a few moments with Left Field’s Christian McCann recently to get some insight on the designers choice in choons and living. For those not familiar with Left Field, they’re a small operation producing fine work and casual garments for men. Almost all of their wears are made in N.Y. – they keep it tight.

We bounce around from musical influences to the plain strange.

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Christian, Some would argue that while some find fashion to be a commodity, many people in fashion find music to be a commidity. How important has music been in terms of soundtracking Left Field and its design focus?

Music has always been a huge part of my life I spent hours a day listening to my Aiwa box radio as a kid and listened to my parents records, bought records, tapes etc… For me, it grounded me and freed me mentally. I tend to obsess on things so if i’m into a specific genre, I dig deep, listen and read about it constantly; watch movies which play a big roll in incorporating both music and fashion. If I’m listening to say early N.Y. punk I like to read about it, listen to it, watch movies or documentaries about the time or band. All of this is heavy influence in what direction I am focusing on. Recently I read “Please Kill Me“, started collecting early issues of the zine “Punk” which coined the term Punk first… documentaries on the NY Dolls, Ramones, Clash.. movies like Smithereens with Richard Hell in it (Malcolm maclarens prodigy for the Sex Pistols)… it’s like a pandoras box that sucks you in deeper.

If you wear Made in the U.S.A. clothing and enjoy the classic takes on casual living as pulled from looks of the past, does that mean you should only be listening to American folk music and bands with beards?

I think people that only focus on one kind of music whether it be American roots or Reggae or classical really limit their world and it shows in their interest and how they dress… who they hang out with it can be kind of cultish and extremely boring, I did go through a heavy Delta blues phase and went down to Clarksdale, MI to see a Juke Joint Festival on highway 61… the road that connected the cotton plantations and Memphis. Lots of famous blues guys like John Lee Hooker and Muddy Waters came from there.

1st year super cool they played in downtown clarkesdale which was pretty run down at the time, juke joints: front porches, back yards even at a plantation… saw some of the few old blues heads left there. I went the next year and it started getting all hippied out, with Blues B&B’s Blues restaurants corny people with fanny packs, Indiana Jones hats and blues festival t’s really killed the vibe quick. The problem with all the media today they kill shit before it gets off the ground

Music can be therapy to most. Which song best demonstrates what a “good day” for you sounds like?

I like wicked, dark music like Black Angels “Bad Vibrations;” kind of makes you feel evil.

Imagine you had to play a song rather than say “Go fuck yourself.” What would that song be?

Not to sound cliche but Sex Pistols are as raw as it get. “Anarchy in the U.K.” would do it

In this video for Outlaw Scumfuc, GG Allin has no pants on. Which pair of chinos would you donate to him in order to leave this show with decency?

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IbDa3L9yk90 (NSFW)

I think the jock strap suites him better then chinos

Or you could put him in your new Choctaw underwear line!

Whiskey is to ________ as vodka is to ________ ?

Irish, Polish I don’t know… I live in a Polish neighborhood and drink a lot of their vodka. Whiskey used to make me a little violent and crazy in the past so I try to keep away.

Whiskey is blinding. I prefer vodka as well.

The world is all about sustainable goods. After a point, even the most quality of clothing will break down if worn well (as clothing should be). Would it be proper in a decade or so if I took my Left Field chinos and turned them into cut-off shorts?

Yeah, cut off shorts what ever you want. They are recycling denim now so chinos probably be next with how the price of cotton is these days.

Since everyone is always looking for new music to listen to, can you provide our readers with three singles? The bands will thank you later for the support.

I saw Weekend recently at the Mercury Lounge and they were bad ass loud and super tight… The Horrors, Scarlet Fields… on the other side of the spectrum Florence and the Machine. “You’ve got the Love” is a sick cover and she looks mad hot in the video.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HNNdOPOTndI http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PQZhN65vq9E

Finally where can our good readers find Left Field today?

Big thanks to Gordon at Big for picking up Left Field and pushing it in a transition period for me. Couple other people that have really been supportive is the guys at Context. Ryan and Sam great guys really passionate about what they do and most recently fellow Brooklynites Hickorees Hard Goods great guys as well.

Thanks Chris!

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