Beau Colburn runs Thursdays…

01. “Electric like Dick Hyman”: 170 Beastie Boys references explained (above)
“A glossary of terms deployed in the Beastie Boys’ lyrics.” (avclub)

02. Firefighters Gather for News of Bin Laden
“Like most of the best news photographs, Mr. Appleton’s composition was the product of pure luck and the experience — and the sharp eyes — to know what to do when such good fortune comes along.” (nyt lens)

03. Bob Dylan, Robert Johnson: the music not the myth
“Dylan has always kept things interesting, for himself and for listeners willing to look beyond the caricature. Like Robert Johnson, his best songs and performances can’t be reduced to myth. They raise far too many questions, they shift every time we hear them. They live on precisely because they can’t be pinned down.” (chicagotrib)

04. What’s the most epic photo ever taken?
“If there’s a story behind the photo even better.” (quora)

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