Today we present the new music video to Death Cab For Cutie’s “Home Is A Fire”. The band’s bassist Nick Harmer collaborated with none other than Shepard Fairey on the video concept.

“For me, Home Is A Fire is about redefining familiar space. The narrator in the song seems unsettled, searching and yearning, scanning the environment for something comforting in an uncomfortable place. I knew that if the band would give me a chance to make a visual accompaniment to this song that those would be the themes and mood that I would most want to highlight and accentuate. As a parallel to this, I have always been intrigued and excited about the street art movement that has really exploded during my lifetime. It’s a movement and expression that I feel defines my generation in many ways, and some artists that for years worked as shadows have now become known by name. One of those names is Shepard Fairey. And not only is he an artist that I hold in the highest regard, but he is also a friend.”

The album ‘Codes and Keys’ by Death Cab For Cutie’s will be released May 31st, 2011. (curated)

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