01. The Immortal Horizon

“On the western edge of Frozen Head State Park, just before dawn, a man in a rust brown trench coat blows a giant conch shell. Runners stir in their tents. They fill their water pouches. They tape their blisters. They eat thousand-calorie breakfasts: Pop-Tarts and candy bars and geriatric energy drinks. Some of them pray. Others ready their fanny packs. The man in the trench coat sits in an ergonomic lawn chair beside a famous yellow gate, holding a cigarette. He calls the two-minute warning.” (Believer).

02. Emanuel Steward: “I think Manny Pacquiao maybe has slightly slipped a little bit”

“Hall of Fame boxing trainer Emanuel Steward discussed his views Manny Pacquiao’s one-sided victory over Sugar Shane Mosley in the first in a new series of special episodes of On the Ropes Boxing Radio (brought to you by CWH Promotions) In addition to discussing the Pacquiao-Mosley fight, Steward also touched on a variety of other topics including Andy Lee and his upcoming fight, Evander Holyfield, the Super Six, and more!” (East Side).

03. Discover a new material: NewspaperWood (Above)

“When we think of wood and paper, we usually see it in this manner; wood=source, paper=result. What if we flipped the model and saw paper as the source and wood as the end product? This was the concept behind Mieke Meijer’s project at the Design Academy Eindhoven. To think of paper as the end state of the product was limiting. With so much paper as the end result of making newspapers, Mieke envisioned an opportunity to upcycle the process and re-create wood.” (Yatzer).

04. How to Open a Bottle of Champagne & Pour

“Since this task usually falls to the man of the house, here are some tips to protect your bubbles and your eyesight. While the loud popping of a cork is festive, it often leads to bubbly on the floor instead of your glass. Not a good thing when you’re drinking Dom.” (Food Republic).

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