Architectural art glass, at one time limited to traditional stained and leaded glass, is being transformed by renowned artist Paul Housberg, who has taken modern glassworking techniques and adapted them to large-scale installations. Bringing passion and meticulous care to every project, Housberg creates exceptional art glass installations for public and commercial spaces across the country.

A look at some of Housberg’s creations and a full rundown of current projects after the jump.

Princeton University, Princeton, NJ. Six related, yet distinct, art glass walls introduce color, warmth, and a unique identity to each of three levels of the new Frick Chemistry Lab at Princeton.

Silver Towers, New York City. Housberg’s art glass installation enhances the corporate lobby of the statuesque Silver Towers in mid-town Manhattan, just steps from the Hudson River. Its artistry complements the Towers’ meticulously designed residences.

CA State Teachers’ Retirement System (CalSTRS), West Sacramento, CA. This unique work of art, created in collaboration with Derix Glass Studios of Germany, features 2,600 tiles of hand-blown glass, hand-painted with vitreous enamels. Wrapping around four walls, the installation mirrors and celebrates the building’s surrounding natural environment.

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