The ‘Junk Chair Project’ from Monocomplex emphasizes the importance of design concept. Using the ubiquitous plastic chair as base, the intent is to introduce the concept of identity in design.

Four designers participated in the project.

1. Fixed ( Kim Taemin)
Objects change. Humans change. The environment changes. The concrete fragment scattered around the chair shows the changing society, and the chair stuck and fixed in concrete shows the generation slowly chasing the rapidly changing society.

2. Collapse (Cho Jangwon)
‘Sasangnugak’ means a tower standing on sand, which also means the peril that it would soon be destroyed.
The internal mind of modern people living perilously in numerous hardships of the world was expressed using the material of sand.

3. Complicated ( Park Hyunwoo)
‘COMPLICATED’ is a concept of expressing complex human relationship through one TV, and through complexly tangled wires centered on TV, it expresses the network among humans.

4. Split ( Hwang Eunsang)
With a strong chair supporting the fragments cracked randomly, three dimensional ego forming a person was intended to be expressed.

A look at the chairs comes after the jump.

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