Where form meets function

The Treehouse, photographs by Robert Holden, is an urban intervention project running now through May 31, 2011 in DUMBO, New York. Large scale photographs have been placed throughout the area providing a journey through space and ideas.

Holden’s artist statement –

Who and where are the questions I donʼt wish to answer.

In fact I donʼt have any answers: just a camera.

I donʼt seek utopia: there are people who are able to be in harmony with themselves, with the other and with nature.

People who choose to live differently and manage to find fulfillment by carrying an existence where their highest values are not monetizable.

I want to share a bit of that.

I use a subjective documentary approach; I report on reality but create a personal narrative.

The Treehouse is more than one place. Itʼs not on the map but can be found.

More of the project follows on after the jump.

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