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Killing two birds with one stone on this one. Our Berlin editors sent over a look at the standing bike “pit in” desk/table as discovered on CM. It is meant to allow for a cycling to safely “hold” their bike while enjoying a brew, usually outside a coffee shop, without the need to lock up. I argued that it would be a better idea to attach a trainer to the unit and use it as a working desk; pedaling as you type and code.

This lead to the discovery of Van Chris Uffelen’s Street Furniture book, which packed with urban examples of outdoor designs that are both smart and useful. Published in Oct. 2010 by Braun, the book features “benches, fountains, street lamps, rubbish bins, post boxes, tourist information signs, bus stops as well as public toilets are items that reoccur in various urban spaces.” It has me interested.

Available now from Amazon.

Another look at the pit-in table/desk after the click.

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