Where the runway meets the street

Previously unannounced, the PURE FTP with Stephen Powers for Levi’s x MOCA will release this weekend (May 21, 2011). The trucker jacket series, celebrating some of the biggest names from the Art in the Streets exhibition has produced some real quality, and this is no exception. I’m an unabashed fan of ESPO, so take that for what it is worth, but I’m genuinely quite impressed by MOCA’s corporate sponsorship surrounding the exhibition as well.

Learn a little more about the collaboration between PURE and Powers after the jump.

About PURE:

Making his way to the Bronx, NY by way of Killarney, Ireland, Aindriais Dolan adopted the moniker “PURE” in 1978 when he began painting on the streets. Heavily influenced by local legends, by 1983 PURE had moved on to painting in subways and on trains stored in the local “D Yard” before progressing to painting on jackets and ultimately creating fine artwork on canvas, a pursuit that remains his prime focus – alongside artistic compatriots like Stephen Powers – today.

About Stephen Powers:

Stephen Powers began painting graffiti in 1984 and stopped in the late ‘90s. Since then he has elevated the act of spray-painting words on walls to communicate the feelings of entire communities in cities all over the world.

Background on collaboration:

As longtime friends, PURE was an integral part of the construction/art execution on Stephen Powers, Barry McGee, and Todd James’ joint “Street Market” installation at the MoCA’s Art in the Streets. Pure and Stephen regularly work together on projects, therefore their collaboration on the Levi’s x MOCA Trucker Jacket was a natural fit.

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