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Last weekend, I participated in “Living La Vida Loca” at ICFF, a seminar introducing four of the exhibiting firms from the Spanish Pavilion (Interiors from Spain) at the furniture fair.

As an interviewer, I spent time with Nina Masó, one of the founders of Santa & Cole. The firm, based in Barcelona, acts as an editor – selecting the finest in Spanish lighting and furniture from the past, present and future  since 1985. We discussed Santa & Cole’s role in lighting the city of Barcelona for the 1992 Olympic Games and the process that goes into selecting products for publication. Additionally, Santa & Cole accesses interior needs, taking cues from popular designs and creating “families” of lamps fitting for any scenario. This endeavor proves the firms commitment to working with Spain’s finest fabricators as well.

Beyond lighting for the home and outdoors, as well as private and public furniture, Santa & Cole has also been publishing design books since 2000.

Learn more about Santa & Cole at their website.

More images of “Living La Vida Loca” and examples of Santa & Cole’s lighting after the leap.

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