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While there are many sportscars out there, the world of Italian made supercars is rather small, once you take the big players, such as Ferrari and Maserati, out of the picture. Pagani has consistently delivered more exotic supercars that your general car brand and as a result you would also see everybody around you turning their heads when getting the chance to see a Pagani pass by.

After the Pagani Zonda, the Italian car maker presents in 2011 the new Huayra. The design has been refined and while still looking like an aggressive sportscar, it seems that they found an overall better balance than in previous models. This time Pagani worked with the AMG division from Mercedes-Benz, who provides the engine for the Huayra, which comes with a whopping 700 horsepower.

Take a look at the beautiful car in more detail after the jump.

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