01. Who Made That Tattoo? (Above)

“With a recent Harris poll indicating that 16 percent of the people in the United States have at least one tattoo, chances are, in the course of your lifetime, you’ve known someone who has one. According to the same poll, if you’re currently between 18 and 29, there’s a 49 percent chance that you have one yourself.” (The 6th Floor).

02. Macroscopic Olympiad, See Studio, London

“Love it or loathe it, it’s hard to imagine a crevice in London that hasn’t been covered with the perpetual ozone layer of Olympic anticipation. Hot on the heels of Jim Woodall’s Olympic State exhibition at See Studio, the gallery has put together another Olympics-themed show by Giles Price.” (Wallpaper*).

03. yU Of Diamond District – Before Taxes

“A while back, yU, one-third of Diamond District, released his solo effort, Before Taxes to critical acclaim. At that time, Gotty described the man’s music like this: “When I listen, I don’t hear ‘what’s next’ when he rhymes. Instead, there’s traces of “what was” and that is well-crafted rhymes, founded on some semblance of intellect.” Sounds about right to me. This is hearty boom-bap, skillfully done, with its creator’s heart and mind behind it. And now, it’s free as air. As part of their ongoing series of free re-releases, the consistently-excellent Mello Music Group is letting Before Taxes make it’s way out to the masses for the next week.” (TSS).

04. Roger Kurath on Prefab

“We get a nice double dose of architect Roger Kurath, principal of Design*21, this year at Dwell on Design. First check out the Tatami Residence he designed in Marina del Rey on the Westside Home Tour on June 18th, then hear him talk about the current state of prefabricated design on Saturday, June 25, on the Sustainability Stage. Here’s a sneak peek of what’s on Roger’s mind, how he sees prefab design playing out in Southern California, and how he thinks we can learn from the building methods at work in his native Switzerland.” (Dwell).

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