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Pencils of all varieties receive great love from Selectism. While some prefer new-school notation through digital devices, most of our staff remain attached to the classic notepad and pencil; taking notes the old fashion way. Interestingly, the pencil market continues to innovate, specifically in the world of mechanical pencils.

Uni-ball’s Japanese arm is at the forefront of this market with their Kuru Toga mechanical pencil. It features an auto lead rotating mechanism that keeps the lead from fall flat on one side. By rotating the lead continuously, the impression on the paper stays uniform. What is absolutely amazing about this tech is the idea that at .5mm (shown above) or even .3mm, someone will actually notice a fluctuation in line thickness. That’s exactly why the Kuru Toga was developed. Serious business. Jetpens has them.

Photography (above): Selectism.com

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