Beau Colburn live from his holiday…

01. That famous space shuttle photo: When is sharing stealing

“In a world where social media users, bloggers and even some professional journalists are increasingly comfortable simply copying the work of others and republishing it, can intellectual property rights survive? Can original content survive? And what should the world do when an amateur photographer takes a newsworthy photo and shares it on a social network?”

02. World’s best Tetris player
“You think you’re good at Tetris? Think again. Hell, you think you’re good at anything? Think again, again! Tetris grandmaster Jin8 shows you how it’s done.”

03. Marco Arment’s “Intro to Phish”
“But Phish is surprisingly inaccessible to casual music listeners, so a lot of people who would otherwise like Phish either have never heard their music or have an inaccurate preconceived judgment about it.” (marco)

04. How Ink Is Made (above)
“A chief ink maker shows how colour and ink is made from the raw ingredients.”

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